Pregnancy sucks but is a wonderful gift

So when I last wrote on here we were newly pregnant. Life happened and we lost that baby. It was very hard in the moment but with God have gotten through it and happy to say we are pregnant again!

I have made it to 16 weeks and seems everything is going great. When we found out I starting talking to all my doctors about what to do with remicade and should I get off of it. Everyone told me to stop it just in case something would happen. Well I have come to being off of it for 3 months and I am in pain!

Add all the pregnancy symptoms and you got a lovely mixture of nonexistant comfort. Don’t get me wrong I love this baby and try to treasure everyday because we never know what is going to happen. But pregnancy sucks!

With the suckiness comes a beautiful baby! Which in my mind makes it so worth it. All the morning sickness, round ligament pain, being always hungry is all worth it.

Hopefully me and the doctors can figure out how to deal with the pain because changing my whole diet just isn’t affordable right now and that is all the information I’m getting from others.

I am living one day at a time and walking with God through it.


Pregnant and AS

So I found out this past Wednesday that me and my husband are expecting! We are super excited and I loved hearing all the reactions from friends and family.

But that also has situations dealing with AS and fibromyalgia which is going to be an experience. I’m excited about the pregnancy but not knowing how things will effect me.

Most people have to worry about just the systems that the pregnancy brings on but I have a lot more to think about. How I am going to be feeling is a big one for me? Thankfully I have family to help me and my faith which gets me through struggles everyday.

But I think for the whole pregnancy I am going to talk to my doctors and figure out how to be my best self even with having AS while pregnant. I am going to write about how I felt that week and things I did that helped me and things my doctors suggested.

So lets see where this journey takes us!

New job, New life

So I finally have an amazing job and I am not having to hurt my back while doing it. It is awesome to find a job with people you don’t want to punch in the face everyday.

Also I am starting a new iv infusion for my AS pain. Humira had a bad reaction to the injection site and kept getting worse. Fingers crossed this new stuff works! It’s a 2 hour process at least. Hopefully I won’t feel like crap after this. Has anyone taken some medication like this? How did you feel during and after?

I hope everyone is doing amazing!

Keep on going

That’s pretty much all i can tell myself right now. Its been a hard last few weeks. I found out i have sleep apnea and i go into to see if i have a thyroid issue this week. 

I know that i am going to be fine but i am just like when is the list going to end. Thankfully nothing is going to kill me and i am greatful for that. It just is hard somedays.

I sit back and look at these bad days and know that i will make it out on the other side no matter what. I have god, family and friends on my side. I know i need to take it one step at a time.

I need to learn taking the days i need to rest when im in pain. I need to make sure to give myself a break. I am in control but there are things that i cant control and i know god can and i need to give that to him.

With anyone struggling with stuff like i am, know that we will make it. The grass is greener on the other side. This day might not look great, but tomorrow is a new day and has new possibilities.
Keep going.


   Recently I got an amazing road bike for 35 bucks! I know, right? Where the heck did i get such a good deal? Yard sales! Lol yep i am a 24 year old that goes with my mother-in-law to yard sales.  

    So anyway…I have decided that i am going to do a triathlon in September that a church my sister-in-law goes to every year. They allow people from all over to do this triathlon. Another thing its just for women! Yay! Its a fun one and you can take your sweet time. Thats my favorite part 😁 

    I want to start this process first because i want to get in shape. I know this will be a hard goal for me generally due to the fact that it just hurts physically. Also the first month is the hardest of making it a habit, and no one can tell me it doesnt suck atleast a little.

    The second reason is to show myself again that i can do anything. I was a female marine in the United States Marine Corps and that was a big event that showed me that i can do anything. Then life happened and 4 years after i got medically separated i got the diagnosis ankylosing spondylitis. I didn’t believe after all that i have been through with weight issues, harassment, and horrible people i came in contact to while in, that i could accomplish anything. I want this journey to show that it is possible again.

    I want to regain my body and mind the way i want. I want to be a healthy weight. I want nothing to ever stand in my way again. I want to push my body pass its mental limits. I want to be stronger. I want to hear that “ready, set, go”  and know im ready. I want to apply that to life from this day foward.

That is my goal.


One More Week To Go!

Starting school in a week! Im am so excited to start this new chapter of my life. Im a little nervous due to school being a little different then the last time i was in. I have a class to finish i a 5 week period 😣  its going to get a little crazy. But i know through hard work and god i will be able to do anything! Hopefully my masters when i decide to go for that wont kill me lol. I am also doing a sleep study to see if i have sleep apnea due to the fibromyalgia. Hopefully i dont cause that would suck. Fingers crossed! Well have a great day and week everyone!

School on the Horizon!

So i have found a degree that i am going to love to learn, get to help people and be able to not be in pain! Im an going to get my masters in human resources with a concentration in addictions. I have always wanted to help others and lately i have wanted to figure out something that i could do and work with my condition. I didnt even think of the counselling feild till today. I know with this new path that i am going to make progress and do something i love every day! Fingers crossed everything goes well!

New news

So i found out that i might have fibromyalgia along with the AS. So life just got a little more crazy. I just keep hoping that they will finally be done with telling me something is wrong. They just keep adding things to the already long list that im trying to process through. Its tough and tiring to always be positive in all aspects of my life. My mind is overwhelmed with how everything is going to play out. I hate having to change plans for my life due to the pain. Well im done with that and i am going to take one step at a time. I will also be looking into classes that i can take to figure out what life holds ahead. My motto is going to be “one day at a time”. This is still my year for change and moving foward.