Monthly Archives: January 2015

School on the Horizon!

So i have found a degree that i am going to love to learn, get to help people and be able to not be in pain! Im an going to get my masters in human resources with a concentration in addictions. I have always wanted to help others and lately i have wanted to figure out something that i could do and work with my condition. I didnt even think of the counselling feild till today. I know with this new path that i am going to make progress and do something i love every day! Fingers crossed everything goes well!


New news

So i found out that i might have fibromyalgia along with the AS. So life just got a little more crazy. I just keep hoping that they will finally be done with telling me something is wrong. They just keep adding things to the already long list that im trying to process through. Its tough and tiring to always be positive in all aspects of my life. My mind is overwhelmed with how everything is going to play out. I hate having to change plans for my life due to the pain. Well im done with that and i am going to take one step at a time. I will also be looking into classes that i can take to figure out what life holds ahead. My motto is going to be “one day at a time”. This is still my year for change and moving foward.

Slowly getting on the workout train

So i am now starting on the fitness train to lose weight for my health. Im nervous due to the fact that the pain is getting worse and i haven’t been working out for about a year. Im hoping its a smooth transition and im not going to be able to barely walk after 30 minutes lol.

Me and my husband have both decided to improve our over all health this year. We are talking mentally, physically and spirituality. 2015 is the year for making ourselves better. Im excited to see where life is going to take us.

Hopefully soon with my doctor we can figure out the things to better do with my pain situation. Because the medicine is half working but not the whole two weeks. I guess we will see how this year will take me.