Monthly Archives: February 2015


   Recently I got an amazing road bike for 35 bucks! I know, right? Where the heck did i get such a good deal? Yard sales! Lol yep i am a 24 year old that goes with my mother-in-law to yard sales.  

    So anyway…I have decided that i am going to do a triathlon in September that a church my sister-in-law goes to every year. They allow people from all over to do this triathlon. Another thing its just for women! Yay! Its a fun one and you can take your sweet time. Thats my favorite part 😁 

    I want to start this process first because i want to get in shape. I know this will be a hard goal for me generally due to the fact that it just hurts physically. Also the first month is the hardest of making it a habit, and no one can tell me it doesnt suck atleast a little.

    The second reason is to show myself again that i can do anything. I was a female marine in the United States Marine Corps and that was a big event that showed me that i can do anything. Then life happened and 4 years after i got medically separated i got the diagnosis ankylosing spondylitis. I didn’t believe after all that i have been through with weight issues, harassment, and horrible people i came in contact to while in, that i could accomplish anything. I want this journey to show that it is possible again.

    I want to regain my body and mind the way i want. I want to be a healthy weight. I want nothing to ever stand in my way again. I want to push my body pass its mental limits. I want to be stronger. I want to hear that “ready, set, go”  and know im ready. I want to apply that to life from this day foward.

That is my goal.



One More Week To Go!

Starting school in a week! Im am so excited to start this new chapter of my life. Im a little nervous due to school being a little different then the last time i was in. I have a class to finish i a 5 week period 😣  its going to get a little crazy. But i know through hard work and god i will be able to do anything! Hopefully my masters when i decide to go for that wont kill me lol. I am also doing a sleep study to see if i have sleep apnea due to the fibromyalgia. Hopefully i dont cause that would suck. Fingers crossed! Well have a great day and week everyone!