Slowly getting on the workout train

So i am now starting on the fitness train to lose weight for my health. Im nervous due to the fact that the pain is getting worse and i haven’t been working out for about a year. Im hoping its a smooth transition and im not going to be able to barely walk after 30 minutes lol.

Me and my husband have both decided to improve our over all health this year. We are talking mentally, physically and spirituality. 2015 is the year for making ourselves better. Im excited to see where life is going to take us.

Hopefully soon with my doctor we can figure out the things to better do with my pain situation. Because the medicine is half working but not the whole two weeks. I guess we will see how this year will take me.


Two weeks later

So i just took my second humira shot and oh how it hurt. I know its to make me feel better but dang does it hurt. I think the humira is starting to kick in slowly but surely. I am hoping for this to work and be my new start in life. I start school in January and the only way i can make the long days on my feet is to trust god and hope the humira starts to work. Fingers Crossed!!!

starting new

So i finally found out that i have AS ( ankylosing spondylitis). This has been four years of straight pain and some people just not believing i was in the pain i was. Thankfully i have an amazing husband, family and friends who support me through life and all the crazy. So im deciding to have you guys along with me for the journey.